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In this article, I am going to tell you about what I believe is the best animation software.

I have used many 3D animation software’s in my time, and I for one can tell you that there are many fairly poor programs out there, while there is some really good quality animation programs.  However, unfortunately animation software’s do not come cheap, and it’s probably just not going to be possible for you to buy all of the major software’s out there, and decide which one is the best.  So I am going to tell you about what I believe is the best animation software – Illusion Mage.
illusion mage

After using all of the major animation programs out there, there is one thing for sure – they are not cheap.  Although there are many very good quality programs out there, you must take into account the price of the software as well, and that is why I have chosen Illusion Mage as my favorite 3D animation software.  Don’t think I’m just saying Illusion Mage because of the price though, it is actually a fantastic software!  Whether it’s cartoon animation, 3D modeling, or character creation you need an animation software for, Illusion Mage is what you should get.

One of the best things I like about Illusion Mage, is it’s massive amount of support, and also guides that come with it.  With most other animation software’s out there, you get the program, a bit of documentation, and that’s it – they just assume your already an expert with the software (well you probably should be with the amount they cost!).  Furthermore, the user interface which Illusion Mage has is also extremely easy to use.

What about the features of Illusion Mage though, does it include the same amount of features the major (expensive) animation software’s have? Mainly, yes.  Honestly, the amount of features and tools that Illusion Mage has within it’s interface is fantastic.  It has a feature or a mode for almost any kind of animation process you need to go through.  Better still, once you have read the guides that come with Illusion Mage, you should know exactly how each feature works, and exactly when/why you will need it.

Actually, what I’ve done is created a video review of this Illusion Mage software you may be interested in checking out. Just enter your email below and I’ll send you a link to it instantly!

>>$77 Special Offer this Week for Illusion Mage<<

Furthermore, Illusion Mage cost’s as little as $47!  Yes, that’s right ONLY 47 dollars.  In my opinion, that is phenomenal value for money, especially next to almost all other animation software’s.  Is Illusion Mage the best animation software?  In my opinion, definitely!  If you are a keen designer, newbie or experienced, then I would recommend you have a look at Illusion Mage.

Like I have said before, I have used just about every main stream animation software on the market today, and Illusion Mage is by far the best value for money you will find on the internet.  Would you rather pay $5,000 for a software like 3D Max, when you aren’t missing anything with Illusion Mage?  I guess not…

illusion mage

3d Animation Software: Things to Search For

3d Animation Software: Things to Search For

Each one of the items we examined are effective and complex, making selecting together difficult. That will help you choose which application fits your needs, we’ve outlined probably the most import aspects of the greatest 3d animation software programs: features, the interface and software extensibility.

Modeling Features

You will find multiple modeling styles, including polygon, subdivision and NURBS. Most 3d animation software programs focus on the polygon and subdivision modeling techniques, however the best packages offer NURBS too. This curve-based modeling technique is fantastic for building smooth, organic surfaces essential for creating such things as cars. We suggest that you search for a gentle-selection tool for simple, accurate modeling.

You need to choose software that models an array of materials, like muscle, fur, hair, liquid and skin. These materials go a lengthy way towards creating credible figures and configurations for the animations. Getting them available in your application (with no cumbersome WordPress plugin) can make them much simpler to use for your models.

Animation Features

Your character models can definitely arrived at existence within the animation stage of production if you possess the right features at the disposable. We advise software with support for multiple animation layers with editable motion trails and additional tracks for audio effects. Pose mixing also makes the entire process of animating figures a enjoyable and efficient process.

Intuitive Interface

Individuals uninitiated in 3d modeling could find themselves lost in the helm inside the sea of features and tools packed in to the interface before them. Unless of course you’ve prior experience, you need to choose a credit card applicatoin that’s clear to see. Intuitive placing of buttons featuring will help you to find the thing you need without fighting through manuals. We recommend a easy to customize interface for that professionals available – developing a workspace that matches your specific workflow style can greatly improve your productivity.


3d animation software programs can perform a lot, however the scope of thier functionality can’t possibly cover everything you may want do. That’s where extensibility is necessary. In case your software can’t do that which you are thinking about, you are able to extend it with plug ins and scripts. This provides the freedom to include features and functions to satisfy your particular needs.

World creation is very complex, and you will find countless functions and toolsets you’ll have to master, but it’s possible. The very best 3d animation software programs provide you with all of the energy you have to take individuals ideas from your mind and provide them lives that belongs to them. So continue-build. You’re the creator of the world.